Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we arrange an appointment or tasting session?

    To book and appointment/ tasting please contact our office and our team will be delighted to help, we will arrange this to suit you at a time that is convenient, this would usually mean coming to see us at our meeting suites in Stockport.

    We offer evening appointments and tastings during the week .at 4.30pm and 6.30pm. We can offer tastings at on a Saturday but these are subject to availability and are not usually available during the busy seasons.
  • Can we do this at the weekend?

    Weekend appointments are available but these are subject to availability.

    As I am sure you can appreciate, the weekends are our busiest time and not only that but all of our managers actually attend the event on the day – this can sometimes mean that they are unavailable.

    However we will endeavour to help wherever we can and we do offer evening appointments to help fit around your working hours.

  • What happens after the appointment?

    Once we have a better idea of what you require for the event we will put together a detailed proposal for you; this is of course not carved in stone and is only a starting point at this stage.

    The date will go on a provisional hold in our diary for you whilst you decide what you want to do.

  • How long do you hold the date?

    We understand that arranging a wedding/event is a long process and we will hold the date for you as long as we can without us having to turn away business.

    The main thing for us is that you know we are available if you need us and so we keep in touch with you to see how things are moving along.

  • What do we do to book you?

    To secure the date we ask for a deposit payment of £1000 along with a signed copy of our terms and conditions. You are not at this stage tied to anything detailed in the proposal – the deposit only confirms our services on that date.

  • Who do we deal with during the planning process?

    Our office manager and event co ordinators will help you every step of the way and are always on hand when ever you need them. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9-5pm but please feel free to email at any time and we will get back to you asap. A lot of clients will presume that we open the office at weekends but all our manager are running weddings and events so it would be Monday before you heard back from us if you have a quiry over the weekend

  • What about giving catering numbers?

    The final numbers are to be confirmed 5 working days before the event – you are not tied to the numbers on the pre event invoice , if the numbers have increased there will be an extra charge for these guests after the wedding , if the numbers have decreased then there will be a refund made for these guests – but only if we are informed before the 5 working day cut off. Any decreases after this cut off will still be charged as the food and staff have been ordered

  • What if we have guests with dietary needs?

    Don't worry, we can take care of most dietary needs – all you need to do is tell us what the guest's requirements are and we will amend the menu to suit them. Our Chefs are very used to using replacement products so that your guests can enjoy the same menu if possible. We can't always do this, where needed we will provide a substitute dish of the same standard.

  • On the day, who dresses the tables?

    Our Events team will take care of the setting of all the tables for you, all we need is a copy of the table plan and a note of where each table needs to be and we will do the rest. We know that this is a very important part of the day but don’t forget we do this all the time; as long as you detail what you would like and where, we will sort it out for you and you can relax and get ready.

  • Do you supply menus for the tables?

    We leave this for you to arrange – with so many themes and colour schemes we would never get it right. We do send the wording for the final menu in the paperwork we send to you and are more than happy to email it to you so that you can just forward it onto your printer.

  • What’s the correct top table set up?

    These days it's very fluid and with all the different family situations it is really up to you. Some clients prefer a straight top table and this usually dictates a more traditional seating arrangement, but some venues offer an oval table, which can give the formal feel but enable your guests to chat a bit more freely. We have also seen an increase in round top tables – this gives the meal a more dinner party feel.

    For all shapes of top table, the Bride and Groom should be seated in the middle so they can look out at their guests. This would usually be with the Bride seated at the left hand of the Groom with the Father of the Bride seated next to her, which is a great position for his speech. It is usual then that the Mother of the Bride will then sit next to the Groom and the Groom’s Mother next to the Bride’s Father, with the Grooms father next to the Brides Mother – indicating a blend of both families.

  • Do you provide a Toast Master?

    Our Directors and all our managers are very happy to do this for you on the day – in fact we love doing it, but if you have a friend or family member who would like to do it then we are very happy to help them. Some clients prefer to hire a traditional Toast Master and we are more than happy to work along side them.

  • Will you cut up the cake?

    Often we suggest serving the cake in the evening as the dessert option for the evening food served. We will portion this and serve it canapé style free of charge.

  • Where are your staff from?

    As you will have seen on the meet the team page, we have a full team of staff who are very dedicated and work hard to ensure that your event runs smoothly. We don’t use agency staff as we have a large group of part time staff who work for us on a regular basis. Our part time team range in age from 21 to approx 35 and most of them stay with us for a number of years. They attend a training session every month and are constantly monitored to ensure the highest levels of service. They are friendly and professional and are a credit to our company and we are immensely proud of them.

  • What do the staff wear?

    All management wear black dinner suits and the waiting staff wear black trousers, black long sleeved shirt with a long black tie, black waistcoat and a black knee length apron.

  • Who provides the drinks?

    It all depends on the venue – we are happy to supply everything for you but some venues may allow you to have a corkage rate. We can provide all the elements of service for you and can supply cash and account bars if required.

  • What is corkage?

    This is a fee charged for the service of each bottle. This is often set by the venue but paid to the caterer as they will provide the service required, the chilling facility, the glassware, set up and clear down.

  • Can we theme the menu?

    Our menu pack is a guideline and with our years of experience we are happy to create a bespoke menu for you should you so wish.

  • Why should we choose Barretts?

    We are very passionate about the whole process of planning your event. We offer a very high standard of food and service, but along with that we are a very flexible and friendly company. We want you to be a guest at your wedding, for you to enjoy the event and spend time with your friends and family. Let us take care of everything so that you can have a day to remember.

  • How and when do we pay?

    Once you have paid the deposit there is nothing to pay until 14 days before the wedding date , our office will be in touch about ¾ weeks before the wedding / event to discuss catering numbers and from this will create your pre event invoice.
    This is the amount to be paid 14 days before the event , any changes ( see catering numbers question) whether it be a charge or refund will be done for you on the Monday following the wedding

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